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Welcome to the Ceili! Nova Scotia is known for it's beautiful traditional music. With many of our ancestors having come over from Scotland and Ireland, many youth feel a connection to their heritage and their community through music. With so many hip, modern celtic bands out there, traditional music is really becoming 'cooler' than ever! The Ceili Bands are led by award-winning Celtic fiddler/vocalist Shannon Quinn (the school's owner). We focus on traditional Irish repertoire. 

2018 was an extremely exciting year for our young musicians, as we took a trip to County Clare, Ireland! The band took part in classes and workshops at the Willie Clancy Summer School.  The band also recorded a full length album May 2017 at the New Scotland Yard studio in Dartmouth - this album entitled 'An Chéad' (The first, in Irish Gaelic). With the continuing popularity of the bands, we have decided to divide into smaller groups to make sure that students can all progress at their correct level. We will have four bands this fall at the school! Sapphire, Amethyst, Ruby, and Emerald.

Sapphire Group (Beginner 1 yr. min experience suggested) Wednesdays from 6-7pm

Amythest Group (Advanced Beginner 2-3 years playing suggested) Mondays 430-6pm

Ruby Group (Intermediate - older age group - 2-3 + years playing suggested) Mondays 6-730pm

Emerald Group (Advanced - performance group - contact Shannon for information - advanced flute players/accordion players also welcome to audition) Mondays 730-9pm

Now Registering for September 2019!