Alba Nuadh Ceili Band (Irish Youth Performance Ensemble)

Monday evenings from 6-8 $250 per semester (10 weeks)

Welcome to the Ceili! Nova Scotia is known for it's beautiful traditional music. With many of our ancestors having come over from Scotland and Ireland, many youth feel a connection to their heritage and their community through music. With so many hip, modern celtic bands out there, traditional music is really becoming 'cooler' than ever! The Ceili Band is be led by celtic fiddler/vocalist Shannon Quinn (the school's owner). We focus on repertoire based in Ireland and Scotland, but also dive into some Acadian repertoire, Welsh, and Cape Breton music, as well as modern celtic arrangements. Shannon sets up plenty of opportunities for the group to perform in the community throughout the year - as well as collaborations with irish dancers, and other musicians in the community. We also be bring in guest instructors throughout the year to focus on different aspects within the ensemble. 2017 will be full of performance as well as fundraising opportunities to take the band to Ireland for a summer music camp summer 2018. (the Willlie Clancy School of Music in County Clare, Ireland)

This is a performance ensemble - however there are no auditions required - preference is a minimum of 2 years playing your instrument. 

The band recorded a full length album May 2017 at the New Scotland Yard studio in Dartmouth - this album entitled 'An Chéad' (The first, in Irish Gaelic) will be sold to raise money towards our upcoming trip. 

All instruments are welcome - fiddles, piano, accordion, whistles, guitar, harp, vocalists .. you name it! Come and join the Ceili! Call or email Shannon today for more information, and registration! 

Scottish Groove - Modern Youth Fiddle Ensemble

Saturday Afternoons from 430-530pm $200 per Semester (10 weeks)

The celtic world is continually evolving and changing as traditional music is re-worked and arranged in new modern ways. Over the past few years the Scottish music world has shown incredible growth in terms of modern newly-composed music and interesting arrangements. Violinists such as Hanneke Cassel, Jeremy Kittel and bands such as Rura, Talisk & many more are inspiring youth and wowing audiences all over the world with their modern celtic arrangements. 

With us living in New Scotland, it's only natural that we explore some of this 'New Scottish' music! Hayley Ryerson will be leading this class, and exploring these arrangements in her new group 'Scottish Groove'. This hour-long class will explore rhythmic fiddle playing, harmonizing fiddle parts, ornamentation in Scottish fiddle, and building a repertoire of funky modern Scottish tunes.