Shannon Quinn (Owner)

Violin/Fiddle Instructor & Ceili Band Leader

Shannon was born and raised in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia and has been performing as a fiddler/vocalist for the past 16 years. In 2016 Shannon won 'Roots Traditional Album of the Year' & 'New Artist Recording of the year' at the Music Nova Scotia Awards, and has also been nominated for two Canadian Folk Music Awards. She achieved her music degree from the renowned ‘Humber College’ in Toronto and spent two years been touring internationally with the award winning Scottish group ‘The Paul McKenna Band’. This has included many international performances in Canada, The United States, England, Scotland, Germany as well as the Netherlands. Some of Shannon’s past performances have included being featured with Cirque Du Soleil and The Chieftains in Canada as well as being a featured soloist with Symphony Nova Scotia. Shannon has performed at Walt Disney World’s ‘Epcot’ in the United Kingdom Pavilion.

She’s also performed with the award winning group ‘Down with Webster’ at Massey Hall and was a featured violinist for the ‘We Day’ concert in Halifax at the Metro Centre, performing for over 10, 000 people. Shannon released a solo album in 2008 entitled ‘The Irwin Lake Sessions and now after a few years performing and touring she recently released a second album (recorded in Glasgow) in July 2015 entitled ‘If All the Young Ladies’. This album features Shannon primarily as a vocalist as well as a fiddler. In addition to being a solo artist, Shannon has also been performing with her father Tony Quinn for the past 16 years as a Celtic/folk duo. Shannon has recently completed multiple performances playing fiddle for artists such as Lennie Gallant & Joel Plaskett. Shannon recently released her third album ‘Watchmaker’.


siobhan martin

Piano Instructor


Born in Dartmouth, Siobhan has been involved in music since a young age. Her father, Danny Martin is a notable trombonist in Halifax (and on a fun note - the owner of The Cottage Cafe!). She developed a taste for jazz and participated in Honour Jazz, Jazz Camp, the first Los Primos Project with Jeff Goodspeed and started a jazz-fusion ensemble with revered trumpeter Rick Waychesko (Tower of Power, Corey Hart, etc).

She attended the NSCC Music Arts program. While attending NSCC she taught a 9-piece Rose St. Primos Ensemble, ages 11-18. Siobhan moved to Toronto in 2010  where she taught piano/voice and helped run the Mississauga Conservatory of Music for three years and had over 40 students ranging from age 3-60. While in Toronto she also worked as a freelance musician and toured internationally with Tara Priya (LA) to Japan and Singapore.

Siobhan has been working as a freelance musician and involved in the music industry in Nova Scotia since moving back from Toronto at the end of 2013. She has played with notable artists such as Joel Plaskett, Mo Kenney and Leanne Hoffman. She currently plays with Loveland, Owen Meany’s Batting Stance, The New Found Novellas (cover band) and The Brood. Her main band,The Brood, won the first Casino Artist in Residence in 2014. They are signed to SeaYou Records (Austria) and tour throughout Canada, US, South America and Europe.

Siobhan looks forward to bring her passion for music and teaching to the students of Lydian School of Music!

Abby hanson

Violin & Piano Instructor

Abby photo.png

Born and raised in Dartmouth, but with strong ties to Cape Breton and the Nova Scotia Gaelic community, Abby Hanson has been involved in music since she was an infant. She views music as an integral part of her life and enjoys sharing her love for music with others through both performance and teaching.

Abby is proficient in both classical piano and violin after more than a decade of theoretical and practical training following the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum. Participation in many music festivals, recitals, and exams gives Abby a deep empathy for her students as they prepare their own pieces and experience the nerves and excitement of performing for others.

In addition to her classical music work; Abby has spent years working with a variety of Celtic artists on her fiddle repertoire. Specializing in the Cape Breton/Gaelic style, her fiddle playing is enhanced by her fluency in Scottish Gaelic language and her extensive knowledge of Gaelic song, which she attributes to language mentors and years of study at Colaisde na Gàidhlig/The Gaelic College. Abby’s talents have been utilized by the Cape Breton and Nova Scotia Gaelic community as she has been booked to perform at a wide variety of events, tourist attractions, and dances throughout the province. Along with her sister, Ella, Abby is co-owner of “Up With Gaelic” and has shared her performance skills and knowledge of Nova Scotia’s Gaelic culture with thousands of student and teachers throughout the HRM and surrounding areas; their work has been recognized by the province as “(bringing) passion, commitment and perseverance in raising greater awareness, appreciation and understanding of Nova Scotia Gaels”.

Abby is a lifelong learner even as she teaches and inspires her own students; there is always new music to learn and perform!